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I’m Glad That’s Over

Eating locally at the beginning of November is no easy task. The options of food available at this time of the year are limited. Farmers markets do not have the variety that they had in the summer and early fall months.

I wanted to do this project because I thought that it was going to be fun and interesting. I walked in with no expectations about whether or not it was going to be hard to find local food. I thought – ‘that sounds fun and interesting.’ So, I named it my first choice. Boy am I sad I did that now. Ha! That was totally rough for me. This is what my refrigerator and personal food cabinet look like in my house. Obviously I eat things that are packaged, easily prepared, or simply store bought. Today I woke up and went to the deli for breakfast. Sure I have some eggs I could have made but why would I want to do that if I can have a yummy sandwich instead? (The white package at the top is the leftovers I’ll probably eat for dinner.)

Listening to my group-mates talk about their experiences was one of my favorite parts of this project. Marea loved her time eating locally. While she was able to spend time cooking, her week of eating locally was much earlier in the semester and thus had much greater variety in local options. Lilly lived on campus and is a vegetarian. Kyle had to work over break and skip a day for thanksgiving. I think my experience was the most negative for sure. I am happy that I do not have to do that again.

I know that I have become a lot more aware of how hard it is to eat locally. There are not that many options for those who want to eat completely locally. (Not to mention the interesting diversity of quality in local goods.)  I see the benefits to eating locally but, for me,local eating is just not in the cards.

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Today I woke up hungry

November 17 2011

Generally, I am the type of person who does not think much about the food that I eat. I think that it is great when there are local options at restaurants or in the super market but most of the things that I choose to eat are simple and easy.  Sometimes I buy a bag of frozen chicken and will throw a few pieces in the oven when I get hungry.  Fresh produce is great and I love having vegetables in the house, but, for me, this usually ends with having to throw half of what I buy away. When I lived in Burlington this past summer, I spent a lot of time cooking and eating locally. It was great. My friend and I split the cost of a crop share. We picked up our vegetables by the waterfront once a week. Easy. Simple. Fast. Most of the vegetables that I got were delicious and if they weren’t than my friend would eat them for me.

This time of year it is not easy at all! I am incredibly frustrated. I bought a carton of eggs at Healthy Living but haven’t had any yet due to lack of time to prepare them. Today I didn’t have time to cook before class so I ate another apple.  I am so sick of apples. I don’t even like them that much. I really want to smother it in peanut butter but I couldn’t find any that had local ingredients. Honey is too sticky and way too inconvenient to take on the go. Oh well I suppose. Today when I got home from class I threw the spider infested sweat potato I got at City Market in the oven. My first thought was, “ugh, going to take forever to cook. I am hungry NOW.”  The potato came out fine. There were parts that I didn’t want to eat because they looked gross. But, it generally tasted fine. I felt guilty when I cheated and put some non-local butter and salt on it.

I worked all night and again was too tired and burnt out to cook. I have about 3 hours of work ahead of me tonight and its already 11:30. Tomorrow I’m going to try to make time to get back to the grocery store and buy more food. I usually spend about 60 dollars tops at the grocery store per month and I am getting close to that total already this week. My bank account is angry with me.

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This is NOT easy.

November 18, 2011

I walked around Healthy Living today. My first thought when I walked into the store was, “I don’t have the time for this and I definitely can’t afford anything here.” My mom always said that there were three things that you do not skimp on: healthcare, education and food. But, this is ridiculous. I have to spend five dollars for a bag of apples? No way. That seems a little drastic don’t you think? What about the fancy yogurt? We have already been through this. No. Ew. You cannot force me to eat that again! So, I headed to the meat area. I think “I definitely cannot afford this.” I also don’t really like cooking meat for myself. It’s slimy and gross. While I know that I want to finish my week of eating locally there is only so much Cabot cheese and apples that I can eat in a week. I want pasta! Anything else! I mean, it is not fair of me to be so picky but to be honest I am not a big cook. Making my own pasta is totally out of the question.

I guess I am not big into eating locally. I am not that big into the saving the environment. Sure, It is a good thing to want to help save the world but what about saving my soul? I am not liberal by nature. Maybe it stems from where I grew up or my family but I live in a fast paced world where my desires don’t align with eating locally. To spend an hour in a grocery store is just a waste of time. I want to be in and out of there so I can have the extra five minutes before work or school. Not to mention my diminishing social life.

So, I stand here giving up. I totally and completely give up. If your life goes in a direction that allows for the time and access to eating locally, then, that’s awesome. If you know the farms and places to buy great local food, then, more power to you! People who have the knowledge about farms, vegetable stands, and farmers markets, then, that’s great. For me it is just not in the cards. I think that maybe if I had the time and I knew where there are local options, then, than that would be great (not to mention much easier.) For me to go completely out of my way in order to eat locally is not only time consuming but not economically plausible. It may come down to the fact that I just don’t have the passion for it.

I know this project would have been totally easier if I had done it earlier in the year when I was not so consumed by schoolwork. Or when there were more farm stands. Or before I became so fed up with the food industry. But, eating locally is just too hard. Not worth my time or money. I don’t have the patience.

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Third Day of Eating Locally = :(

November 16, 2011

I am on day three of eating locally. I am also on the verge of tears. I can’t really tell if I am angry, sad, or just hungry. Let me just say – I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS! I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY FOR THIS!

This yogurt was the most disgusting thing that I have ever had in my entire life. EW! Ew. Oh my gosh. EW! It tastes like rotten/spoiled milk. Listen people, imagine you open up a yogurt that you just bought for $5.99 and there is a crust on top. A gross, congealed crust!  I mean, do I mix this stuff up? Do I throw out the crusty dried up yogurt on top? My first reaction was to mix it up. After I put my spoon in that gross hard stuff I got too grossed out and threw it away. Maybe I shouldn’t have because now this yogurt is literally the most disgusting thing that I have ever eaten. Seriously, if I ordered this at a restaurant and it tasted like this I might sue them for trying to kill me. It is SO BAD! I also got some honey for $4.59. Together it was about 12 dollars. Now I am stuck with this horrible yogurt that I am not sure is safe to eat.  I am a college student supplementing my own income by working on top of taking five classes. I cannot eat locally for the whole week if this is what is in store for me.  I plainly can’t afford it.

Maybe I will get vegetables and cook. But, honestly, I do not have TIME! As mentioned, I am a college student. WITH A JOB!

After getting my roommate to try it, I eat about five spoon-fulls. I only ate that much because I am starving. I ran to class this morning and stopped at the café like I always do but then remembered that I can’t eat anything there because I have no idea where it came from or if the ingredients are local or not. I got coffee because I will die without it and went to class hungry. After what felt like a million hours of class I finally made it to city market. I was not prepared for what came next. I walked in and felt like it was my first time in a grocery store. I mean, I shop there sometimes and it definitely was not my first time in there. But, it sure felt like it. This experience was nothing like any of the other times that I am have gone to get food. I usually look at signs and stuff, but this time was different. Usually I look at prices first since I am a broke college student. But, this time I had to look to see where the produce was grown and then how much it costs. I should not have compared the prices to the stuff that is not local. There is such a price difference that I thought about cheating and giving up right there in the store. Then I talked myself down and remembered that I would not have the full experience if I were to cheat like I desperately wanted to. Ugh. This is not good. I settled on that disgusting yogurt, the honey, some eggs, and a sweet potato.

When I saw the sweet potato my spirits soared. Besides being uglier than the non-local variety they looked pretty good. Usually I would have never bought it because of how weird it looked. Then, just as I picked one up, I found a beautiful black spider running up the side of another sweet potato. Ew. I saw a spider in city market. Ugh. Gross.

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