I’m Glad That’s Over

05 Dec

Eating locally at the beginning of November is no easy task. The options of food available at this time of the year are limited. Farmers markets do not have the variety that they had in the summer and early fall months.

I wanted to do this project because I thought that it was going to be fun and interesting. I walked in with no expectations about whether or not it was going to be hard to find local food. I thought – ‘that sounds fun and interesting.’ So, I named it my first choice. Boy am I sad I did that now. Ha! That was totally rough for me. This is what my refrigerator and personal food cabinet look like in my house. Obviously I eat things that are packaged, easily prepared, or simply store bought. Today I woke up and went to the deli for breakfast. Sure I have some eggs I could have made but why would I want to do that if I can have a yummy sandwich instead? (The white package at the top is the leftovers I’ll probably eat for dinner.)

Listening to my group-mates talk about their experiences was one of my favorite parts of this project. Marea loved her time eating locally. While she was able to spend time cooking, her week of eating locally was much earlier in the semester and thus had much greater variety in local options. Lilly lived on campus and is a vegetarian. Kyle had to work over break and skip a day for thanksgiving. I think my experience was the most negative for sure. I am happy that I do not have to do that again.

I know that I have become a lot more aware of how hard it is to eat locally. There are not that many options for those who want to eat completely locally. (Not to mention the interesting diversity of quality in local goods.)  I see the benefits to eating locally but, for me,local eating is just not in the cards.

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