Today I woke up hungry

05 Dec

November 17 2011

Generally, I am the type of person who does not think much about the food that I eat. I think that it is great when there are local options at restaurants or in the super market but most of the things that I choose to eat are simple and easy.  Sometimes I buy a bag of frozen chicken and will throw a few pieces in the oven when I get hungry.  Fresh produce is great and I love having vegetables in the house, but, for me, this usually ends with having to throw half of what I buy away. When I lived in Burlington this past summer, I spent a lot of time cooking and eating locally. It was great. My friend and I split the cost of a crop share. We picked up our vegetables by the waterfront once a week. Easy. Simple. Fast. Most of the vegetables that I got were delicious and if they weren’t than my friend would eat them for me.

This time of year it is not easy at all! I am incredibly frustrated. I bought a carton of eggs at Healthy Living but haven’t had any yet due to lack of time to prepare them. Today I didn’t have time to cook before class so I ate another apple.  I am so sick of apples. I don’t even like them that much. I really want to smother it in peanut butter but I couldn’t find any that had local ingredients. Honey is too sticky and way too inconvenient to take on the go. Oh well I suppose. Today when I got home from class I threw the spider infested sweat potato I got at City Market in the oven. My first thought was, “ugh, going to take forever to cook. I am hungry NOW.”  The potato came out fine. There were parts that I didn’t want to eat because they looked gross. But, it generally tasted fine. I felt guilty when I cheated and put some non-local butter and salt on it.

I worked all night and again was too tired and burnt out to cook. I have about 3 hours of work ahead of me tonight and its already 11:30. Tomorrow I’m going to try to make time to get back to the grocery store and buy more food. I usually spend about 60 dollars tops at the grocery store per month and I am getting close to that total already this week. My bank account is angry with me.

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