This is NOT easy.

04 Dec

November 18, 2011

I walked around Healthy Living today. My first thought when I walked into the store was, “I don’t have the time for this and I definitely can’t afford anything here.” My mom always said that there were three things that you do not skimp on: healthcare, education and food. But, this is ridiculous. I have to spend five dollars for a bag of apples? No way. That seems a little drastic don’t you think? What about the fancy yogurt? We have already been through this. No. Ew. You cannot force me to eat that again! So, I headed to the meat area. I think “I definitely cannot afford this.” I also don’t really like cooking meat for myself. It’s slimy and gross. While I know that I want to finish my week of eating locally there is only so much Cabot cheese and apples that I can eat in a week. I want pasta! Anything else! I mean, it is not fair of me to be so picky but to be honest I am not a big cook. Making my own pasta is totally out of the question.

I guess I am not big into eating locally. I am not that big into the saving the environment. Sure, It is a good thing to want to help save the world but what about saving my soul? I am not liberal by nature. Maybe it stems from where I grew up or my family but I live in a fast paced world where my desires don’t align with eating locally. To spend an hour in a grocery store is just a waste of time. I want to be in and out of there so I can have the extra five minutes before work or school. Not to mention my diminishing social life.

So, I stand here giving up. I totally and completely give up. If your life goes in a direction that allows for the time and access to eating locally, then, that’s awesome. If you know the farms and places to buy great local food, then, more power to you! People who have the knowledge about farms, vegetable stands, and farmers markets, then, that’s great. For me it is just not in the cards. I think that maybe if I had the time and I knew where there are local options, then, than that would be great (not to mention much easier.) For me to go completely out of my way in order to eat locally is not only time consuming but not economically plausible. It may come down to the fact that I just don’t have the passion for it.

I know this project would have been totally easier if I had done it earlier in the year when I was not so consumed by schoolwork. Or when there were more farm stands. Or before I became so fed up with the food industry. But, eating locally is just too hard. Not worth my time or money. I don’t have the patience.

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