My start to the Eat Local Challenge

04 Dec

Let me just begin by saying that I’m usually one to get overly excited about projects before I realize how much time/effort/work will need to be put in to actually succeed. Having said that, I was very excited to do the Eat Local Challenge. My mind was more set on how many good foods I could eat and less on how I would actually be able to convert my on-campus meal plan eating ways to a diet of all l

ocal food. Let’s be honest, UVM has a pretty good food program with lots of variety and options to fit many different diets; they also give us some local products to choose from! But when you get a hot meal at the dining hall or a prepared meal at a campus store like the Marche, there’s no real way of knowing whether the food you’re eating was grown, raised, or produced in Vermont. So, okay, if I were going to do this project right, I would have to get my food from a different source. With only a few places within walking distance to choose from, I decided to go with City Market.

Found on the City Market website at

After I gave myself enough time to prepare a tentative shopping list and mentally prepare myself for a week of no Arizona iced tea or rice (yikes!), I decided to start my Eat Local week on October 16th with a trip to City Market. I went into the store knowing that getting all local ingredients would heavily rely on access to a kitchen, which I didn’t have. Because of this, I decided to get as many purely local items as I could but also considered locally made bagels, bread, and applesauce, among others, to be considered local foods, though they probably contained ingredients that weren’t local. That being said, here’s the list of groceries I bought for the week:

–       Bag of spinach (for salad)

–       Carrots

–       1 Red pepper, 1 Orange pepper

–       1 Tomato

–       3 large apples

–       1 pumpkin

–       Cabot cheddar cheese

–       River Garden Kitchens of Vermont Maple vinaigrette dressing

–       Wheatberry (bulk section)

–       Fresh ground peanut butter

–       Vermont Bread Company whole grain bread

–       Morse Hillside Farm raspberry jam

–       Honey (bulk section)

–       Vermont Village organic peach applesauce

–       Granola (bulk section)

–       3 Burlington Bagel Bakery bagels

–       Monument Farms skim milk

–       Cold Hollow Cider Mill apple cider

My trip to the store cost me about $75, which wasn’t too bad for a week’s worth of food. However, the cost was added on top of the meal plan I had already paid for, so, if looked at that way, it ended up being pretty expensive. Just another benefit of living on-campus, I suppose. Ha-ha.

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