Kyle – Day 5

04 Dec

Day 5, Friday November 24, 2011 11:13pm

Back to the grind. Thanksgiving was great, but no left-overs for me today. I went right back to the meal I have eaten every other day at work. It was so busy today though (Black Friday in retail…FUN) that I just don’t feel like moving out of this chair. I also have to do it again tomorrow (more FUN). I am eating the last of the cheese and bread right now while drinking some local cider (no, not the hard stuff).  I guess I have nothing more to say, so I will express some of the feelings I have been having over the week.

This week, I am working 40 hours and only have 3 days off, one of which was the holiday so it doesn’t count (post office and such) and because I did all of my shopping and cooking last Sunday, that leaves this coming Sunday for all of my homework and cleaning stuff. This week is leaving me drained and the local food challenge is only adding to the stress.

I normally do not buy all kinds of food during my shifts at work, but just knowing that I cannot makes me want to cross the street for a milk shake, or cross the other street for a bowl of soup, or grab a slice of pizza, or get some chocolates. I have these cravings that never flair up normally, it’s just because of I can’t have those things that makes me want them so badly. Our culture is so strongly rooted in freedom and choice that restricting ourselves is painful. If I were completely changing my lifestyle to this, I couldn’t even reason with myself that at the end of the challenge the non-local foods will all taste better because there would be no end to the challenge, that would be my life. Sure I could say that I am helping the local economy and possibly my health (local butter is still butter…and still delicious) but how could I reason with spending so much money and time on food. All of my hobbies (there aren’t many) would suffer along with my mental stability. This whole experience is making me think really hard about what eating local really means and how we can hope to change our food systems when I can’t even change myself for a week, and I know the ramifications. It would help if I was not a picky eater, but still, there are only so many times I can eat potatoes before I want to watch them all burn.

I am realizing that I am ranting (one of my traits that keeps me from actually blogging) and should probably go to bed. I will enjoy the rest of my “meal” and do it all again tomorrow.

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