Kyle – Day 4

04 Dec

Day 4, Wednesday November 22, 2011 7:43pm

So the chili didn’t happen last night, I was just so tired from work and had to be back there at 10 this morning. I wanted some relaxing time last night so I skipped the chili and went to bed early. I could have woken up early to make the chili, but it snowed last night and I had to clean off my car before work and drive down. I will also be skipping the chili again tonight because I have friends in town that want to go out. I had always planned on skipping out of the project during Thanksgiving, so I guess I will just start it tonight.

For breakfast and lunch it was the same exact thing from the last 2 days, nothing new. The local-depression is fading, especially with the awesome dinner I made myself tonight. I stir-fried one of the chicken breasts with carrots, onions, garlic and some soy sauce (that counts as a seasoning right?) and served it with garlic mashed potatoes. I considered it an anthropological experiment mixing eastern flavors with a western dish like mashed potatoes (extra credit?). It was so good! The chicken was really tender and flavorful too. I was really excited to be eating that meal, especially because I didn’t spend all night cooking it and, after I finish this, I get to hang out with my roommate before we go out with friends. It also helps that the project is on hold until Friday thanks to the holiday (homework is like the post-office and banks, national holidays don’t count).

I can’t wait to have Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow for two reasons, I won’t be cooking it and I get to eat a massive amount of good food that isn’t apples, applesauce, or nasty yogurt. I have not felt this energetic and happy all week!

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