Kyle – Day 2

04 Dec

Day 2, Tuesday November 21, 2011 10:16am

So this update is coming in on the morning of Day 3 for reasons that will become clear soon.

Yesterday I worked from 10:00am-6:00pm and brought my shepherd’s pie for lunch along with an apple for breakfast. I decided that coffee (including cream and sugar) would be my other exception. I ate my apple with my cup of coffee and hoped that it would hold me over until lunch. By lunch I was feeling pretty hungry, but my bowl of shepherd’s pie filled me for the rest of my shift.

The hardest part was watching my co-workers eat around me. Between the awesome sandwiches from Top-of-the-Block and the Asian style left overs, my meat and potatoes did not stack up so well. I also over baked my meal Sunday night making it a little dry and lack luster. Luckily I only have a few more days of it.

After shift I swung by City Market to pick up more apples and hit the proverbial jackpot. I found hot-house tomatoes from North Hero,Vermont! I was so excited that I initially grabbed about 4 pounds of the red gold before realizing I still did not have access to peppers to make sauces or salsa. I settled for a pound and planned to make chili. I called Gena (my friend and my roommate’s girlfriend) so that she could look up what ingredients I would need. She got me the information that I needed and further informed me that we were hosting a miniature Thanksgiving for our Ben and Jerry’s co-workers. This threw me back into the “local-depression” (what I termed the crappy feeling I have been having since I started this project). Not only were all of my friends going to be enjoying a fun meal, they would be drinking alcohol, something that I couldn’t partake in thanks to locality, and I assumed that my apartment would look worse than a war zone. I picked up a six-pack ofVermonthard cider so I could at least join in part of the festivities. I also picked up some more bread, ground beef, and some very expensive chicken breast.

When I returned home, the apartment was spotless and filled with the smells of roasting chicken, stuffing, pie, and buttery potatoes. I quickly decided that the project could go on hold because I was not giving up this opportunity. I enjoyed the meal and evening with friends and am enjoying another local apple as I write this.

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